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    You think it is difficult to read the files PDF sul Kindle? Or are you unable to open a PDF file on your Kindle? PDF files look great on large devices, but that's not the case with the Kindle. On your Kindle, even if you are able to open a PDF file, you will have to drag and drop it continuously to read it. One way to change that is to convert PDF to format supported by the Kindle, such as the .txt format. By converting the PDF eBook to text file, the font size will be expanded easily on the Kindle, which will make it very comfortable to read.

    Below we see how convertire i PDF in Kindle. It only takes 2 steps to turn PDF into Kindle format. Here are the details.

    Step 1. Scarica e installa PDF to Kindle Converter

    Click on the buttons below to download the program that will allow you to convert PDF to Kindle format, both on Mac systems and on Windows computers. After downloading the software, install it on your computer.

    Download PDF Editor for Windows Download PDF Editor for Mac

    Step 2. Converti PDF in formato Kindle

    Launch the program installed on your computer. Click on the icon to open the PDF file you want to convert to Kindle. Go to the menu Converted and then select the format TXT as highlighted in the image below:

    Please note: 
    The screen shown above refers to the Windows version of the program. For Mac users, you need to open the PDF file then click Convert at the top and select the Text Document format.

    This is all you will need to do to convert PDF to Kindle. If you have a protected PDF file, try using eBook Converter Ultimate, to unlock it and transform it into other formats.


    Convertire PDF in Kindle  –

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