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    XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, and is a language that defines the rules that help decode documents to make them readable. Established rules are part of standard specifications such as XML 1.0, and later versions.
    XML format is a language in text format and is supported by unicode. Despite the fact that XML is designed to handle documents, it is much more popular for representing arbitrary data structures in areas such as software development and web services.

    XML files are used in many applications and this is the reason why many files are converted to that format. Many of the office application developers favor XML-based formats, such as Microsoft Word and iWork. This avoids any compatibility problems. Over the years, XML has also been used for data interchange over the Internet.

    For the reasons mentioned above, it often happens that you have to convert documents to XML. In this article we want to focus on conversion from PDF to XML and list the best tools for PC and Mac that can do the job.

    NB: If you are looking for a way to convert PDF INVOICES in XML format, unfortunately the methods described below will not be able to help you because they create XML that do not comply with the rules dictated by the Revenue Agency. Instead, we recommend that you read this article: how to create an XML e-invoice

    How to Convert PDF to XML on Mac OS X

    #1: Doxillion Free Mac Document Converter

    Price: Free
    link: Scarica Doxillion Free Mac Document Converter >>

    #2: Verypdf PDF to XML per Mac

    Price: Free
    Link: Verypdf PDF to XML official site >>

    #3: Able2Extract PDF Converter

    Price: $ 99.95
    Link: Able2Extract PDF Converter official website >>

    How to Convert PDF to XML on Windows

    #1: Acrobat reader Plugin

    Price: Free
    Link: Official site of Acrobat reader Plugin >>

    #2: PDF2XML

    Price: Free
    Link: official site of PDF2XML >>

    #3: NitroPDF

    Price: 139 $
    Link: Official site of NitroPDF >>

    How to Convert PDF to XML Directly Online

    #1: Comet Docs

    Home Page >>

    #2: Free File Converter

    Home Page >>

    #3: pdfx

    Home Page >>



    Convert PDF to XML -

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