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    It often happens to find a PDF document among the manuals on which it becomes almost essential to make changes, add comments, insert or remove images .. and therefore you need a program to write to PDF. To do this you could use the famous Adobe Acrbat PDF Writer program, but as we know it has a really prohibitive cost. Fortunately, today there are other alternative programs to adobe acrobat and which, with a much more accessible price, provide practically the same functionality (and sometimes even more). Among these programs there is certainly the new PDFelement, PDF Editor program that has already conquered thousands of users thanks to its ease of use and powerful pdf editing functions. Below we want to compare it with Adobe PDF Writer.

    • Parte 1. Adobe PDF Writer Vs PDFelement
    • Part 2. How to use Acrobat PDF Writer and PDFelement

    Parte 1. PDFelement Vs Adobe PDF Writer

    "The Best PDF Editor for Windows & Mac"

    Part 2. How to Write to PDF with Adobe PDF Writer and PDFelement

    You can make your PDF scanned and editable thanks to the OCR function. The steps below show you how to scan an editable PDF1. Click Adobe Acrobat and choose the file you want to edit. On the right side of the screen is a panel that comes up with different options like PDF export, PDF Edit, and comments2. Click Edit PDF.
    NB: If you are not subscribed to Acrobat you will not be able to access this PDF writing functionality! 3. Now click on the part of the text you want to write. Once you have added the text to the PDF you can click on the button Save.
    With PDFelement, writing to PDF is even easier and more intuitive. Here are the steps to follow:Step 1. Import the PDF file into the program Start PDFelement and click on “OPEN” to select the PDF file to be loaded into the program and on which you can write whatever you want.Step 2. Write to PDF Click on the "Modification”And with the mouse you can select the part of the text to correct. If you want to write new text, click on the "Add text" button and click on the part of the PDF where you want to insert the text.

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    Best PDF Writer to Write to PDF -

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